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DeFi (Non-custodial)
Frost Wallet.

This is a crypto wallet that allows users to store their own cryptocurrency and interact with the blockchain through a decentralized application.

Supported Cryptoсurrencies

About the Frost wallet About the Frost wallet

About the Frost wallet

  • Non-custodial
    This is a kind of decentralized wallet in which the user owns his private keys. The user must write a mnemonic phrase with which he can restore access to his funds. The presence of private keys means that the user has full control over the funds.
  • Frost wallet
    Frost wallet
    It is hosted by the user on the device, not on the server. This means that the user has full control over the funds. Frost connects directly to the coin blockchain without intermediaries.
  • Exchange
    Frost has a cryptocurrency exchange function inside the wallet. You can easily exchange Bitcoin and other coins for the USD stable cain of the network you need (ERC 20 / TRC20 / BSC20) to fix the cryptocurrency exchange rate.
  • Adding money
    Adding money
    Replenishment of the wallet without a threshold and without commissions =%0 The commission for sending is also equal to =%0

Product Roadmap

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PIN (face/touch) when returning to the app


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Online support


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Balance in fiat transactions.


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% of the change in the exchange rate under the name of the coin


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simply conveniently reliably safely

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secure storage



wallet manager

creating & restoring wallets

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mnemonic phase for restre

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FEE 0%

active community
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fee 1%

get easy access to crypto currencies

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5 min

avg exchange time

tech support 24/7

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Why use Frost wallet?

Storage on the exchange and on a centralized wallet is not safe and can be frozen at any time. And you will be left without funds. FROST will give you full control over your funds directly through the blockchain as it is non-custodial. At any time, you can withdraw the required amount from the wallet without commission anywhere you want, both to p2p and to the exchange for withdrawal to fiat.

Registration / Security

There is no registration in the wallet. After entering the wallet, you need to come up with a PIN (activate FaceID / TouchID) and save (write down) 12 recovery words from the "Settings" -> "Backup Recovery Phrase" menu. This phrase will give you the opportunity to restore the wallet on another device. It is important not to communicate this phrase to strangers.

Frost wallet fees

Receiving = 0% Send = 0% (only the commission of the blockchain network is charged*) Exchange = 2% Purchase = 1% *Commission of the blockchain network - In order for a cryptocurrency transaction to be considered confirmed and valid, it must be included in the blockchain, the official public register of all transactions made. The work of validating transactions and adding them to the blockchain is done by miners - powerful computers that form part of the network and confirm its transactions. Miners spend a huge amount of computing power and energy in order to receive financial rewards: for each block (set of transactions) added to the blockchain, there is a premium called a block reward, as well as fees sent with confirmed and included transactions in the block. Therefore, miners have a financial incentive to prioritize transactions with higher fees. The fee for those who want to send funds and receive fast confirmation will depend on the type of cryptocurrency being sent and can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as transaction size and network conditions. In the FROST wallet, the blockchain network fee can be adjusted manually when sending.

Can't use USDT. Transactions are not sent.

USDT is a stablecoin on different blockchains. When making transactions in USDT, the network commission is deducted from the coin on the blockchain which costs the USDT you need. And in order to be able to use stablecoins, you need to activate the blockchain of the USDT you need: · For USDT (TRC20) is TRX (TRON) coin · For USDT (ERC20) these are ETH (ETHEREUM) coins For activation, it is necessary to replenish the balance of the blockchain coin.

Will new coins be added?

Yes, they will. with a frequency of 1 coin per month. By voting in the telegram support chat @frost_wallet

Can I buy cryptocurrencies in my wallet?

Yes, you can. To do this, click the blue "BUY" icon and follow the instructions.

Can I withdraw cryptocurrency to fiat in my wallet?

In a few months, it is planned to release the FrostCard crypto card in euros (with the release of the card in Europe). It will be possible to withdraw funds in fiat to the card.

Is it possible to exchange cryptocurrency inside the wallet?

Yes, you can. To do this, click on the blue "Exchange" icon and follow the instructions.

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